Nicaragua Selva Negra - Honey Processed

Nicaragua Selva Negra - Honey Processed

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Selva Negra Estate Coffee is grown at a high altitude -above 4000 feet- in a shaded environment. This allows the coffee beans to slowly develop and instill an intense and fulfilling flavor to each bean. The coffee is 100% Arabica, but more importantly it's grown on a large percentage of heirloom Bourbon and Typica coffee trees.

The region of Matagalpa, Nicaragua is mountainous with excellent volcanic soil for the coffee growing environment. Finally, the coffee is prepared using an environmentally friendly washing process, which gives the coffee still one more unique quality enhancing aspect.

Tasting notes:
The Honey processing adds a bit more sweetness with a little less acidity.  A very clean and sweet cup of coffee. Medium to full bodied, chocolaty, caramel, malty with hints of smokiness. soft hints of a chocolate/caramel undertone.

Organically Grown