First post, Big Medicine Coffee


Finally, and after today's 3 cups of our Monday morning coffee - Sumatra Takengon - Here's our new website, Big Medicine Coffee through shopify. Our old domain, Big Medicine Ranch will still work as well and point to this new site. 

These pages will give a good overview of our Single Origin, Specialty Grade coffees.  And the passion and spirit we put into finding the best coffees on planet Earth...

We are aiming to have our ecommerce ordering option available mid to later March, perhaps sooner.  And we will continue to add detail about Big Medicine Coffees, brewing methods and tips, and what seasonal Single Origins are on the way.

In addition to these 7 coffees, we are sampling 3 different Ethiopians and will select and start roasting one or two next week, a washed Sidama and Natural Yirg...also, we are expecting the first organic Ugandans in March - the one from Sipi Falls was excellent last year and one of our most popular medium roasts.  Also, our other Haitian Blue Mountain is due in March as well.

Also, we will have a very limited amount of our Panama Geisha through about March 10th, but its going fast....