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Our availble coffees through the end of 2019

We are currently roasting: Sumatra, Papua New Guinea, Haitian Blue Mountain, Costa Rica Hacienda La Amistad, Costa Rica Las Lajas Red Honey, Colombia Tolimo, Mexican Terruno Nayarita.  We are sampling a few Guatemalans now -the El Tambor sold swiftly- and  should have one on hand in a couple of weeks; along with more Bolivia Caranavi, Ethiopian and Geisha...also, a limited availability of our first Cup of Excellence medalist. Rowe Inn Ellsworth,MI is now serving Big Medicine coffees, espresso, Costa Rica drip and Honduran water processed decaf.    

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June 20th, first day of Summer!

A few updates, summer markets are starting and we can be found at Boyne City on Saturdays, and Elk Rapids on Fridays.  We will start Harbor Springs next week either Wednesday or Saturday. Our current product list is updated as of today, we will have all of these at our market tables.  All new additions are very popular: Honduran, Congo and new Haitian Blue Mountain... UPCOMING, NEW ADDITIONS:  the microlot Ethiopians are still a few weeks away, we expect them early July including the Hambala Guji we had last year. Same for the estate Guatemalans; we may have a few microlots from Costa Rica and Burundi.   

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First post, Big Medicine Coffee

  Finally, and after today's 3 cups of our Monday morning coffee - Sumatra Takengon - Here's our new website, Big Medicine Coffee through shopify. Our old domain, Big Medicine Ranch will still work as well and point to this new site.  These pages will give a good overview of our Single Origin, Specialty Grade coffees.  And the passion and spirit we put into finding the best coffees on planet Earth... We are aiming to have our ecommerce ordering option available mid to later March, perhaps sooner.  And we will continue to add detail about Big Medicine Coffees, brewing methods and tips, and what seasonal Single Origins are on the way. In addition to these 7 coffees, we are sampling...

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