About Big Medicine

 Big Medicine Ranch

We love great coffee. We roast some of the finest Specialty Grade, Single Origin Arabica beans sourced from farmers committed to great coffee and sustainable practices.

We are especially passionate about seeking out the rarer, boutique and microlot Single Origin coffees: often a smaller harvest with limited availability; they offer exceptional freshness, brightness, flavor and complexity. Last year, these included varieties from Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Haiti, Guatemala and Sumatra.

Our sustainable coffees sourced from farms that support Fair Trade, the Rain Forest Alliance, Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and superior, sustainable Direct Trade cooperatives. Most are certified organic or are organically grown and chemical free. 

Why Single Origin?  Single Origin coffees are found in a specific geographic region such as Ethiopia Sidama, Sumatra Mandheling, Bolivia Caranavi, Peru Cajamarca or Congo Lake Kivu. Or Estate varieties such as Puerto Rico PomaRossa, Costa Rica La Amistad, Guatemala Hermosa La Vista or Panama Gesha.

All have their own characteristics and personalities, some more chocolaty, some more acidic, some sweeter, some fruitier, some more floral (Panama Gesha!) - and this the magic, discovering and savoring these great coffees and the remarkable differences between Single Origins, often a  few hundred miles from one another and in some cases just around the corner, on the other side of a shared mountain or valley. 

ROASTING: Big Medicine coffees are all hand-crafted, small batch roasted with the best our eyes, ears, nose, hearts, minds and souls can conjure. We roast to a variety of roast points: medium, dark, City + to Full City, however rarely past that, as that could seriously mute the flavors of these Single Origin coffees.  Our range of flavors and roast points work for every brewing method including Pour Over, French Press, Drip Brew and Espresso.


MAIL ORDERS: We currently fulfill mail orders through either phone or email contact, we can let you know what is currently available or on the horizon, and usually ship Wednesday/Thursday priority USPS for weekend arrival. Whole bean or ground.

ECOMMERCE:  WE WILL HAVE FULL ECOMMERCE FEATURES ENABLED AUGUST 2018, the shopping cart is currently disabled but we do support mail orders through phone or email.


Big Medicine coffees can be purchased and in some cases sampled throughout Northwest Michigan:

Pond Hill, Harbor Springs, MI:  They have a small store that serves Big Medicine coffee by the cup and our 12 oz whole bean bags, varieties include: PAPUA NEW GUINEA, SUMATRA, COLOMBIAN, HONDURAN AND RWANDAN.

Toski Sands Market

Harbor Springs, MI: Our 12 oz whole bean coffees are available there, varieties include: PAPUA NEW GUINEA, RWANDAN AND NICARAGUA SELVA NEGRA.

Village Market

Elk Rapids, MI: Local Elk Rapids store with great fresh produce and local offerings, Big Medicine whole bean 12 oz coffees are available in their coffee section: COLOMBIAN TOLIMO, PAPUA NEW GUINEA AND SUMATRAN.

Boyne City Bakery,

An authentic French Bakery specializing in crepes, heirloom desserts and breads from Brittany, France: Gildas Berrou learned his craft under the tutelage of some of France's best bread chefs:  currently serving PAPUA NEW GUINEA,  COSTA RICA HACIENDA LA AMISTAD AND PERU DECAF for drip coffee. Honduran COMSA  is used for a wonderful, French Style Single Origin Espresso.


THE premium, small, batch artisinal distillery of Northern Michigan. Offering
​exceptional spirits and cocktails crafted from local, non-GMO grains, honey and fruit. Serving our fresh roasted Honduran COMSA.
Rowe Inn, Ellsworth MI
Mackinaw Trail, Petoskey MI
Cellar 152
Wonderful Gastropub on main street Elk Rapids.  We stock some of our premium varieties there including Sulawesi AA, Costa Rica La Amistad and Burundi.
Eastport Market
Just north of Torch Lake and the intersection of 88 and Hiway 31, currently stocking Sumatra, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexican Terruno Nayarita.  If you have any questions ask for their daytime manager Peter Klove.




 Please note we will NOT be at the Elk Rapids farmers market this year.

WHERE: Big Medicine Ranch is located in Northern Michigan near Grand Traverse Bay, a few miles North of Torch Lake in the pristine hills and drumlins of Eastport Michigan. Coffee tastings and pairings are held throughout the year and upon request.

CONTACT: Billie, Leo or Thomas

PHONE: 1-231-463-8836

EMAIL: bigmedicineranch@gmail.com