UGANDA Mbale – Mountain Harvest Organic NEW!

UGANDA Mbale – Mountain Harvest Organic NEW!

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Mountain Harvest works with 850 individual smallholders across 8 communities on Mt. Elgon, with each farm growing between 600-1,000 coffee trees. And their coffee stands up to the best fully washed Ugandan Arabicas.   Mountain Harvest organizes growers by local community, administering farm management and processing training to calibrate coffee production to high standards, and expedites parchment to their centralized location in Mbale, at the foot of Mt. Elgon, where each delivery is cupped against a strict and detailed qualitative and physical grading system and allocated accordingly.

We roast this one LIGHT/MEDIUM to bring out the exotic notes, floral acidity and some soft fruit tones. A super clean coffee for Uganda bringing this cup closer to a nice Kenya or Rwanda coffee, that is full bodied for an African coffee.